Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Uwe Boll continues to be a cancer upon the world

From Bloodydisgusting, "Come on, seriously! Director Dr. Uwe Boll just beat the crap out of us journalists and has now proven to the world that he is in fact a good director. With this major announcement now in the past, Boll is ready to embark on a new future, with his astounding directing skills he is set to do sequels to both BloodRayne (review) and Alone in the Dark. Read on for details.

JoBlo writes:

"According to an inside dude named 'Boll-Beater', infamous German videogame director Uwe Boll is setting his boxing gloves aside for now, so that he can continue directing POSTAL, based on the videogame of the same name, and ultimately get back to a couple of his previous films, including a possible ALONE IN THE DARK 2 starring Christian Slater, and BLOODRAYNE II: DELIVERANCE, which would be a vampire western!

The film is apparently slated to start shooting in January of 2007 with aforementioned hottie, Kristanna Loken, ready to return as Rayne herself."

More laughs for me? Bring 'em on!"

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Octopunk said...

Are this guy's shenanigans tolerated because he's distracting us from some big conspiracy? I'm really starting to wonder why he's tolerated at all.

An Alone in the Dark sequel? Whatever for?