Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Selective Index for Jeff & Jeff's Pandemonium

Iconic images

Roundup of original Star Wars figure blister card backs

Scans of choice Sears Wish Book pages, one and two

Boba Fett's first product appearance

General Toy Coverage

Uzay! Hilarious Turkish Star Wars knockoff figs

A look at Kenner's aborted Star Wars products from the mid '80's

A Star Wars figure collector's primer

Complete stupid history of Kenner's Droid Factory/Jabba's Dungeon playset

The Hal Jordan JLU figure so ultra-rare it might as well not exist at all

Star Wars Survival Kit remembered

Super Powers figured remembered, including the unreleased 4th wave

Battle Beasts remembered

Matchboxes Mobile Action Command (M.A.C.) remembered

JPX and Octo

JPX sighted on West Coast

A young Octopunk poses in front of a tantalizing rack of POTF figures

A younger JPX and family's 15 seconds of fame

Old Star Wars figs vs. New Star Wars figs: JPX weighs in, Octopunk weighs in

JPX's favorite Super Powers figures

Octopunk's favorite Super Powers figures

Octopunk's review of toy losses, both resolved and unresolved

The story of Octopunk snagging JPX a free Blue Snaggletooth

Octopunk drools over Star Wars animated maquettes, parts one, two,
three and four.

A roundup of upcoming SW figs that leads to a long hilarious discussion on the comment board, and also...

Octopunk whined at by lousy Biker Scout figure

Much later, Octopunk admonished by Black Bespin figure

Octopunk gets excited because his toys arrive from the East Coast (including his Shadow Thunder Cab)

Octopunk gets excited because he completes a Kaiyodo Chocolasaur set

Octopunk gets excited because he decides to special order those two Astromech droid collections and then they arrive

Octopunk shows off his Astromech droid collection

Lego Stuff

Cool story about Lego pieces in special colors

Some guy online imitates one of Octopunk's Lego designs

Toy Modifications

Lushros Dofine's arm is modified


Octopunk said...

While I want this to always be a work in progress (because we'll keep adding to it), right now it's also a work in progress just in terms of the basics. I still need to finish perusing early 2006 (we were posting like madmen back then) and then go through 2007 and 2008.

And of course as I've done so I keep thinking of other posts I need to include, and once I've gathered all those then I can order them better. So, lots to do, but here it is for now.

You can always reach this post by clicking "JJP Index" in the sidebar.

JPX said...

WOW!!! I forgot that we had so many posts on this blog. I literally spent the last hour going through all this stuff again - it was like reading it for the first time because I hadn't looked at it in a few years. I'm so happy we're keeping this up to date, it's a really fun place to visit now. Good job, buddy, I know this must've taken a long time to pull together.

JPX said...

I think one of the reasons that we have so many past posts is the we were doing this in the days when we were the only ones on Horrorthon. I'm impressed (and inspired) by these old posts. It was a hoot to go through them again.