Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Star Wars animated-style maquettes

More good news in the category of stuff I can't afford, Gentle Giant is making animated maquettes for Original Trilogy characters. This is the same outfit that made the Clone Wars maquettes I was gabbing about last December (here and here), but what's really amazing is that these aren't based on any actual existing cartoon. It sure makes me wish they were, though.

Click here for a good article on the designing of these pretty bastards.


JPX said...

I LOVE these and want action figures post haste! I don't usually like it when movie characters are "cartoonized", but these are terrific. I even like them better than the Clone Wars stuff.

Octopunk said...

The key is that this particular cartoon style is so engaging. It's nice that they looked at the Ewoks, Droids and Holiday Special cartoons but even nicer that they ignored them completely.

More! I say.