Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not Bad!: LEGO Super Mario Level Aquarium Decorations

From geekology, This is a couple pictures and a video of the 55-gallon aquarium Redditor jennyleighb's roommate decorated with a custom LEGO Super Mario Bros. scene he built. Pet fish never had it so good! Still, you know what it needs? "A skeleton pirate drinking out of a jug of rum?" Exactamundo. I'd suggest hitting up the Wal-Mart pet department, but all the dead fish in their tanks will end up depressing you. I don't know who's supposed to take care of those things, but they should NOT be allowed to own pets (I suspect it's the greeter).

Go here for more pictures and a video tour.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy, Where Do LEGO Babies Come From?

From geekology, Seen here moments before child services were called, two LEGO parents grossly neglect 22 of their 24 bundles of joy crying hysteria. And now custom LEGO printer Citizen Brick is selling the orphaned minifigs for a scant $1 apiece. But seriously, somebody should have told that guy to put a plastic cap on his nubbin. Wrap it up, bro -- your wife is FERTILE. Kidding, I have no clue where LEGO babies come from. But I suspect a dragon from one of the medieval castle sets brings them if you pray really hard and put enough little gold pieces of eight from one of the pirate sets under your pillow at night. "They had sex, GW." WHAT? Toys don't have sex! None of mine do anyways. Okay, except for the Ninja Turtles. And, if I get drunk enough, MAYBE the Jurassic Park playset. "Is that why you've been walking like a penguin all day?" I think a t-rex might've chased the Jeep into my keister!

More customs here

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I hate toys with sensors!

On a recent spring Saturday I had some time to kill and where better to kill time than Kmart, right? As I entered the depressing monstrosity my pulse quickened as it always does when I am heading to a toy department. Previous recent visits already suggested that I would find nothing of interest but then again no toy collector has ever found treasure without consistent persistence. As I entered the section I was startled by this horrible thing, which I set off by walking past it,

Mind you it was 8am, I was the only person in the store and it was very quiet. I must be honest; Elmo scared the hell out of me. He yelled, laughed, and sang for what seemed like an eternity. Moving right along into another aisle I was again startled when this started barking at me as I walked past,

Having just recovered from my Kevin Clash scare, Cookie again triggered my fight/flight instinct. I finally made it to the only aisle worth checking out, besides the Lego aisle, of course, and I was betrayed by Star Wars! Nestled right next to the Star Wars figures is this noisy weapon,

The loud ‘whooshing’ sound and ensuing lightsaber ‘clashes’ just pissed me off. At this point I was really annoyed. It’s only a matter of time before some elderly woman meets her demise by walking by these sensor toys. This and similar experiences in the toy aisle has made me very gun shy when I walk through department stores. I now have an eagle eye out for potential toy bombs. I hate these things!

STAR WARS Series 5 (1977) Trading Card Puzzle Finally Assembled!

I was recently organizing some trading cards and I realized that in 30 years I never assembled the puzzle featured on the card backs of Star Wars series 5. This major oversight was most likely because for many years I was missing some of the cards from the set and I hate making puzzles that are missing pieces. Series 5, the ‘orange’ set was difficult to acquire back in the day. By time this series was released it was clear that Topps had used every possible cool imagine they could find in the previous 4 sets. In fact, I thought they hit a new low in series 4 with this card,

Yet Topps was somehow able to procure 66 new images for the orange set. I don’t recall these being out for very long and at the time I think I had stopped collecting Star Wars cards. Years later I only found a scant amount in my vast trading card collection.

However the 21st century arrived and with that we got nifty things like The Toy Vault and Ebay, which enabled me to easily complete the [sad] orange set. Here are a few examples of how truly pathetic this set really is,

Want to see the entire set? Of course you do! Go here

I would be embarrassed to tell you how much time it took me to assemble this (arguably) difficult puzzle but I believe I watched an entire episode of Happy Days before it was finally completed (Fonzie thought he lost his 'cool').

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Droid Factory Coming to Disney

From swcollector, The Orlando Sentinal has posted news that the Star Wars Droid Factory Droid Pieces will be available next month at Disney World's Tattooine Traders at Hollywood Studios.

"An array of Disney merchandise was on display Friday. Coming May 10, just before Star Wars Weekends, will be a Droid Factory at Tattooine Traders at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It's a build-your-own Astromech Droid activity resulting in 3-inch figures that fit into other playsets."