Saturday, May 30, 2009

46-Foot Long Self-Supporting LEGO Bridge

From geekology, In an attempt to create the world's longest self-supporting LEGO bridge, a group of LEGOphiles in Australia have constructed this 46-foot long behemoth as part of the 2009 Australia Model Railway Expo. Now I'm not suggesting we start building real bridges out of LEGO, but I mean, we definitely should. And, to give you an idea of just how large this thing is, it's 46-feet. That's like ten of my penises laid out. Widthwise. Lad-- no?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Start Drooling!

Look what I found when I was searching for Superwoman images! Slated for summer realease, according to Action Figure Insider. Click here for more.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New LEGO stuff is OUT!

Just the other week I told JPX that late July would be the earliest these sets were available -- WRONG! A generous sampling of the new Space Police and Agents sets have suddenly blammed their way onto the Lego website and stores.

Which is making me downright sick because I am so broke right now, and work is thin on the ground. Today I went to the Glendale Lego store and got Squidman Escape (above). Fortunately I had a half-spent gift card and only had to shell out $1.99 in cash. The set is 5.99, and well worth it. Both minifigs are great; in terms of theme design, they've really knocked this one out of the park.

These sets are an excellent combo of reasonable price and show-offy minifig awesomeness. Freeze Ray Frenzy here is ten bucks.

Gold Heist has this adorable Space Police hover truck thing and a freakin' four-armed lizard alien.

Even as the sets get more elaborate, the prices don't get too crazy. Space Truck Getaway is the third biggest set of them all, and it's only 30 bucks. This set is a maybe for me, but the last two will definitely be coming home if I ever have any money again.

Likewise a couple of these Agents sets. I dislike the Agents' designs in this theme (although that new body armor piece is cool), but the villains are great. In Gold Tooth's Getaway you get a gold flat-top hairpiece, a gold baby T-Rex and all this other crap for only ten bucks!

I don't know if River Heist is a set worth getting, but check out those two villains, the bad guy with green Clone Wars Dooku hair and the bad girl with red Cate Blanchett from Crystal Skull hair. Those villains will be a Bricklink purchase in my future, at the very least.

Robo Attack is a big one at fifty clams, so I may cherry-pick this one as well. Particularly for that new dome piece and the hilarious civilian characters.

I don't know if these have hit the regular stores yet, but at least it won't be long until Ben runs ahead and finds some plastic gold. They're putting out some really great stuff this year. I've been meaning to post about it, but in the meantime check out this flickr collection of 2009 Toy Fair.

And if you want to check out the Lego website, go over to The Brothers Brick (my favorite Lego blog) and click from there. It helps them out.

Oh, by the way, I did a new census of my Lego minifigs. I counted a bunch of weirdoes, like R2 bodies, skeletons, Martians, Technic figures, Jack Stone figures, etc. The total?

One thousand, five hundred and fifty.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary with Exclusive Figure

From sirsteves, LEGO and Star Wars are two of the world's most well-recognized and successful franchises, and have been collaborating since the 1998 release of the first LEGO Star Wars minifigures.

DK joins the party with the exquisitely photographed and minutely annotated Visual Dictionary, complete with minifigure! In true DK style, the Visual Dictionary elucidates, illuminates, and excites even the most discerning LEGO, Star Wars, and minifigure fans around the world. Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Yoda, Luke Skywalker and more are brought to life with dozens of little-known facts and hundreds of photos, as are accessories, vehicles, weapons, and even the Death Star! Learn about the history, manufacture, and construction of the minifigures of the Star Wars Universe, and come away a Lego Jedi Master. Pre-order yours now from

There's a Brick In Every Lego Collector, And It's Bigger Than Your Skull

From gizmodo, Jason Freeny, the designer who brought us that amazing-yet-freaky minifig anatomy lesson last October (see below), wants every Lego aficionado to know that there's a huge red brick inside all of you.

Seriously, this guy has cornered the market on freakishly cool Lego artwork.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Jim!

Easter 1975. I was five years old and I woke up in the pre-dawn hours jubilant that the Easter Bunny had (hopefully) visited and left me some candy during my slumber. I checked the rather large carrot I had left next to my bedside and sure enough there was a healthy bite taken out of it and next to the half-eaten vegetable was a ‘clue’, which was the first in a series of clues that would eventually lead me to a cornucopia of chocolate and other assorted delights. Over the years the ‘clues’ would become increasingly challenging, occasionally leading to a dead end, or worse, to a bogus treat left by the “Evil Easter bunny”. However, in 1975 the clues were rather simple and enhanced with crude drawings to ensure that I would reach my destination. After a few minutes of reasonable clues I stumbled across my basket. Sure it was filled with a bevy of sugary treats, but my attention was quickly drawn towards something even more exciting, a large wrapped package. With my autonomic nervous system quickly dumping adrenaline I tore at the wrapping paper like a lion tearing at the flesh of a fallen gazelle. With the wrapping paper quickly dispensed my pupils rapidly dilated in order to let more light in to fully appreciate my Easter bunny gift, a Big Jim Sports Camper! What made this extra exciting for 5 year old me was that this was not even something I had asked for, in fact I most likely didn’t even know it even existed!

No, that's not me, but it's almost a perfect representation of the moment (and decor)

Big Jim was a Canadian toy line that ran from 1972-1986 and was the Canadian answer to the popular G.I. Joe line in the United States. Rather than focus on the military, the Big Jim series emphasized adventure (like camping) and Mattel created a slew of Big Jim accessories and eventually some foes. Although crude by today’s standards, the Big Jim Camper offered many thrills for a 5-year old in 1975 and it was loaded with trimmings including sleeping bags, cooking equipment, and a ‘fire’ with grill among other things.

Just look at all the stuff I come with!

We moved to the United States later that year and like so many things from my early childhood, my Big Jim camper didn’t make it. No doubt my mother, a notorious thrower-awayer, discarded my beautiful camper to make room for stupid things, like clothing. Over the past 4 decades I have attempted to collect all those things from childhood that meant so much to me and the Big Jim camper has always remained elusive. I came close last year when I found an extremely weathered camper at the Toy Vault in the Rhode Island Mall, however it did not have any accessories and it was in such a state of disrepair that I walked away from it, crestfallen. For whatever reason it never occurred to me to check on Ebay, however as it turns out it wouldn’t be necessary.

Collector's delight

The Brimfield Antique Show is the largest outdoor flea market in New England, and possibly in the United States. It’s situated in Brimfiled, MA and there are 7 day shows 3 times a year. I have been attending this show for the past 4 years and it’s a real treat for any collector. Filled with organized and random collectibles, you never know what you’ll find, which makes it all the more exciting. I attended the most recent Brimfield show a week ago and after walking around for 7 hours I still hadn’t seen everything (it’s just that big). However during my travels I had one of those rare collector moments, you know what I’m talking about, that moment when you see something you have been looking for forever. It’s difficult to describe if you haven’t experienced it, but for a collector it’s equivalent to finding the Holy Grail. With a sharp intake of breath I stared at a vendor’s small, unassuming tent. Sitting outside the tent next to some random junk was my beloved camper, in its original box no less!

I love the vintage artwork

Even before taking a step I already knew that I was buying it. As I walk/skipped towards it, with the paranoia of a collector who suddenly believes that every single person within the vicinity was also after my treasure, I felt a wave of nostalgia flow over me. I have a terrible memory for most things (hell, I still pronounce my secretary’s name incorrectly) but I’ve never forgotten the thrill of Easter 1975. As I picked up the box to look at the price tag it said “$75”. I knew it was a lot, but I was prepared to pay it. As a any collector will tell you, don’t pass up those difficult-to-find items. While preparing to fork over the dough, the vendor, a kindly old man, said, “I’m asking $75 but I’ll give it to you for $20 because the boat is missing”! I could hardly believe what I had heard. Only twenty bucks? I could live with the missing boat (and I’m sure I’ll eventually acquire it on Ebay), besides, the camper itself was in mint condition with the rest of the accessories plus two sets of instructions! Okay, obviously I’m indulging only myself with this overly long post, but it’s for experiences like this that we collect. My Big Jim Camper, nestled with pride on my bookshelf currently, is one more lost treasure that I can check off my list of lost toys. Now if I can just find a Micronaut Mobile Exploration Lab…

21 Amazing Movie Posters Recreated with Lego

See all 21 here

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture LEGO Sets

From geekology,LEGO has just released the first two of six sets in an 'Architecture' series celebrating the iconic work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Also, I have been to Fallingwater. So yeah, put that in your Guggenheim and smoke it.

The release of the LEGO structures coincides with the real Guggenheim Museum's "From Within Outward" exhibition, which is a celebration of 50 years of Wright's continued influence after his passing.

The first of the sets was released on the 15th to coincide with the opening of the exhibition, and are part of LEGO's LEGO Architecture line of sets, made to "inspire future architects, engineers and designers as well as architecture fans around the world with the LEGO brick as a medium."

Cool, I want them. But nowhere near as much as I want you. Look at me -- don't you think we're sharing something special? I do, and they're called $6 pitchers. Now drink till you love me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

These are already out in Europe

Upcoming Clone Wars stuff

From rebelscum, Here's an early look at a pair of upcoming "vehicles" from The Clone Wars lineup. While it looks like they're big enough for the 'starfighter assortment', calling these vehicles may not be entirely accurate, since they are large-scale droids fighting on the side of the Separatists.

While both droids have long been rumored to be in the works, we've got some UNoffcial proof that they are indeed coming soon to toy stores near you.

These early photos don't appear to be the final versions, but they're enough to see just how much detail has gone into their making, and

Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

Octuptarra Droid