Thursday, October 05, 2006

Disturbed- land of confusion

This is a cool video for a remake of the old Genesis song Land of Confusion.
The Great Horrorthon '06 begins in 4 days!!!

This is your last chance to post non-horror related material on the site.

Hard Candy

Hard Candy

We've discussed Hard Candy several times on this Blog but I recently realized that I've never seen the trailer. Well, now I have.

Hooked on a Feeling

David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling

From Iwatchstuff, "David Hasselhoff's 14-year-old daughter attempted to commit suicide last night by trying to "cut herself." She was taken to a local hospital for treatment although her condition isn't being disclosed.

I don't want to be too insensitive about this, but I can see how waking up every morning knowing you might see your dad doing this (watch the video) would really crush your spirits. It's tough enough being a teenager, but combine that with being The Hoff's kid and there's really no way you're gonna make it through life without trying this at least once."

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another crappy holiday-themed movie on its way

From Iwatchstuff, "Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito are rich, white suburbanites competing for the most impressive Christmas light display in their town in the new trailer for Deck the Halls, this holiday season's big shitfest. I swear this same movie comes out every year with a slightly altered cast and a different cute name based on a Christmas song. So why do I end up loving each new incarnation more than the last? Oh, right, that serum I drink that makes me retarded."

See trailer here:

Ghost Rider Poster Rides Into Our Hearts

From Iwatchstuff, "This new poster for Ghost Rider is good if only because it will provide a valuable artifact when future generations wonder why our civilization failed. Actually, that is the only good thing about it."

LEGO 2007 Catalogue Images

Bricklink is now hosting catalogue shots of next year's first quarter sets, which shows off the Imperial Landing Craft (7659) and its all-new minifig weapons to great effect. Click on the thumbnail above for close-ups. With thanks to Sam89 in our forums for the information.

Uwe Boll continues to be a cancer upon the world

From Bloodydisgusting, "Come on, seriously! Director Dr. Uwe Boll just beat the crap out of us journalists and has now proven to the world that he is in fact a good director. With this major announcement now in the past, Boll is ready to embark on a new future, with his astounding directing skills he is set to do sequels to both BloodRayne (review) and Alone in the Dark. Read on for details.

JoBlo writes:

"According to an inside dude named 'Boll-Beater', infamous German videogame director Uwe Boll is setting his boxing gloves aside for now, so that he can continue directing POSTAL, based on the videogame of the same name, and ultimately get back to a couple of his previous films, including a possible ALONE IN THE DARK 2 starring Christian Slater, and BLOODRAYNE II: DELIVERANCE, which would be a vampire western!

The film is apparently slated to start shooting in January of 2007 with aforementioned hottie, Kristanna Loken, ready to return as Rayne herself."

More laughs for me? Bring 'em on!"

WarGames Getting Nerdier Sequel

From Iwatchstuff, "It's refreshing to see that, despite all the hokey romantic comedies aimed at being date movies, there's still a movie willing to say, "just by considering buying this ticket, you will never, ever get laid." WarGames, the movie that made it sort of cool to be a hacker in the '80s (the accompanying obesity was still not cool), will have a sequel directed by Stuart Gillard according to Production Weekly:

Stuart Gillard has been tapped to helm the sequel to the 1983 Matthew Broderick film, "WarGames." Randall M. Badat has penned the next version entitled, "War Games 2: The Dead Game," scheduled to begin principal photography mid-November taking in locations around Montreal. The storyline follows a teenage hacker whose world gets turned upside after playing an online terrorist-attack simulator game against a government super-computer designed to profile potential terrorists. All hell breaks loose when Homeland Security is convinced that he's a terrorist intent on disrupting the fabric of society.
After the intense drama of United 93 and World Trade Center, it's nice to see a film willing to remind us of the inherent cool video game possibilities of terrorism."

Box Office is boring

By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY
Ashton Kutcher's animated character beat his live-action one this weekend as Open Season topped The Guardian in theaters.

Season, also starring Martin Lawrence, took in $23 million, according to estimates from Nielsen EDI.

The film met most projections and easily beat Kutcher's action film with Kevin Costner. The Guardian brought in $17.7 million, meeting most projections.

Season's performance marked yet another strong debut from an animated film.

Jackass: Number Two took $14 million and third place, while Billy Bob Thornton's School for Scoundrels did $9.1 million. Jet Li's Fearless was fifth with $4.7 million. Final figures are due Monday.