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Star Wars rules, of course!

Star Wars movie toys are the biggest-selling of all-time and still topping the sales charts more than 30 years after the original film's release.
They are the best-selling movie toys for 2006, according to Toys R Us - even though it's been over a year since the last Star Wars film, Revenge Of The Sith, was released.

Not even this year's box office smashes, such as Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean and Batman, can compete. Toys R Us said: "It is incredible that a film which first hit cinemas in 1977 is still selling millions of toys."


1 Star Wars

2 Cars

3 Pirates of the Caribbean

4 Batman

5 Spiderman

6 Scooby Doo

7 Toy Story

8 Ice Ages

9 Superman

10 Spongebob

11 Kong

12 Lord of the Rings

13 The Incredibles

14 Wallace and Gromit

15 Shrek

16 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

17 Narnia

18 Harry Potter

I wish these were better


News comes from and NECA's MySpace:

Some things you guys are going to dig in 2007:

- 300
- Grindhouse
- Shaun of the Dead "Winchester two pack"
- 18" Hannibal Lector (in straight jacket with cart)
- Another Cult Classics "Hall of Fame" series
- Cult Classics Series 6
- More Dawn of the Dead figures

"NECA is proud to present Official Grindhouse Action Figures! Our first series of figures includes machine gun-legged Cherry, Dakota, and Rapist No. 1! With a character like "Rapist No. 1," you know this movie is going to be just as sick we're hoping! These figures don't hit shelves until early spring, but here's a first glimpse at our awesome Grindhouse Action Figures!"

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas, JPX!

Merry Christmas Octopunk!

Justice League Unlimited figure guide

I've been having a difficult time culling a list of all the Justice League Unlimited figures. I finally sumbled across this list, which appears to be fairly comprehensive. We should put together our own pictoral guide based on this list and recent offerings (perhaps even make it a separate link).


Aquaman (multiple releases -- 3Pack & Single)
The Atom (3Pack and single)
Atom Smasher (3Pack and single)
Arkiss Chummuck (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Aztek (3Pack and single)
Batman (multiple releases)
Black Canary (3Pack only)
Booster Gold (3Pack and single (skeets included in single only)
Dove (3Pack and single)
Dr. Fate (3Pack and single)
Dr. Light (3-pack and single)
Enlongated Man (3 pack only -- single coming soon)
Etrigan the Demon (coming soon - 3Pack only)
Flash (multiple releases - 2 variations)
Green Arrow (3Pack and single)
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (Mattel exclusive limited to 100)
Green Lantern (John Stewart original JL - multiple releases)
Green Lantern (John Stewart - JLU update w/ shaved head and goatee - multiple releases)
Hawk (3Pack and single)
Hawkgirl (multiple releases)
Huntress (3pack and single)
Kilowog GL Corp (3 pack only)
Kyle Rayner GL Corp (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Katma Tui GL Corp (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Martian Manhunter (standard form - multiple releases)
Martian Manhunter (martian form - 3Pack & single)
Martian Manhunter (transparent form - 3 variations Clear, Clear Painted & green - 3Pack & Single)
Metamorpho (3 pack only -- single coming soon)
Orion (3 pack only -- single coming soon)
The Ray (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Red Tornado (2 variations -- 3Pack & Single)
The Shade (single)
Shayera Hol (coming soon -- 3pack only)
Shining Knight (coming soon -- 3pack only)
Starman (3Pack & Single)
Steel (single only)
Supergirl (single only)
Superman (multiple releases - 3Pack & Single)
Tomar-Re GL Corp (3 pack only)
Vigilante (coming soon -- single)
Vixen (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Waverider (3Pack & Single)
Wildcat (3Pack & Single)
Wonder Woman (2 variations -- multiple releases in 3Pack & single)
Zatanna (coming soon -- 3pack only)


Amazo (silver -- 3pack only)
Amazo (gold - single only)
Bizzaroo (2 variations (lighter red and dark red logo) -- 3pack only)
Brainiac (3Pack & single)
Copperhead (3Pack -- single coming soon)
Darkseid (two variations (light skin and darker gray skin - singles)
Lex Luthor (in suit -- 2 pack only)
Lex Luthor (Legion of Doom Version -- 3 Pack only)
Mirror Master (3pack only)
Sinestro (3pack only)
Ultra-Humanite (single)


The Justice Lords (3Packs only)
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter (coming soon) , Flash (coming soon) and Green Lantern (coming soon)

Motorcycles with molded figures in same scale:
Batman (2styles), Flash (2styles), Green Lantern John Stewart, Green Arrow.

Here's 2 good pictoral resources: and

Thursday, December 21, 2006

More boring Star Wars stuff on the way

Humid, swampy, and inhospitable, the bog world of Dagobah was the home of the last of the great Jedi Masters. After a fevered vision of Obi-Wan Kenobi on the planet Hoth, Luke Skywalker used the Force to puzzle out the proper hyperspace coordinates to the lost world, hoping to complete his Jedi training at Yoda's hands. There, in the oppressive heat of the swamp, young Luke underwent the first of many grueling tests that would mold him into a Jedi Knight.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Internet exclusive is lame

This quartet of Clones (and trio of villainous Geonosians) are fan favorites, with some being made as toys for the very first time!

This special collector's set of figures brings you everything you need for battle, including figures of:
1x Delta Three-Eight / RC-1138 'Boss'
1x Delta Four-Oh / RC-1140 'Fixer'
1x Delta Oh-Seven / RC-1207 'Sev'
1x Delta Six-Two / RC-1262 'Scorch'
1x Geonosian Warrior (purple)
1x Geonosian Warrior with Blaster
1x Sun Fac

Each figure comes with weapons and accessories needed to fight the good fight during the Clone Wars!

Taken straight from the commando raids in the hit LucasArts Xbox title Republic Commando, this set brings the boys of Delta Squad to action figure form for the very first time. These warriors were trained on Kamino, and were first deployed behind-the-scenes during the Battle of Geonosis, which took place at the end of Episode II: Attack of the Clones. While there, they were put to work destroying the Separatist's droid factories.

Since then, Delta Squad filled a variety of roles for the Republic during the Clone Wars including the assasination of Geonosian leader Sun Fac, the rescue of their fellow clones from Omega Squad, and some missions on the Wookiee world of Kashyyyk.

From the very beginning, it was understood that the tactical superiority of the Grand Army of the Republic would reside in its flexibility of response. Hopelessly outnumbered by the droid armies of the Separatists, every Clone Trooper is expected to be the equal of ten of his enemy. Sometimes though, ten-to-one odds is too much to hope for, and that's when you call in the Deltas.

Cool custom

Remembering Holiday Hal Jordan

It was exactly one year ago today when Julius Marx of Action Figure Insider published an exclusive news about Mattel’s special edition “Holiday Gift” figure for 2005. Mattel, the makers of the very popular Justice League Unlimited action figures, decided then to release an ultra-limited edition Hal Jordan figure. This was its way of saying “Thank You” to some of the people at WB Animation, DC Comics and the Mattel team that has worked so hard on the JLU and DC properties all year. Only 100 pieces were made/released and each one had the cardback signed by Bruce Timm (JLU co-creator and producer

Reactions from JL/JLU fans and collectors were mixed. Some were happy that an animated Hal Jordan figure finally got made, albeit near-impossible to obtain. But the majority’s reactions were nuclear to say the least. The words “what was Mattel thinking?” (originally with plenty of invectives) still echo even up to this day.

Texas Ranger (not his real name), who was then the brand manager for the JL/JLU line admitted on AFI that he was “the Idiot Exec from Mattel that did this whole project.” He explained that there was no hidden agenda (PR, piss the fans off, etc), and that this was “a simple holiday gift to the 100 or so people who have killed themselves over the past year to bring the huge number of JL toys, comics and animation to fans.”

For several weeks/months after Holiday Hal was announced, fanboys were in suspended animation - wondering whether or not this was simply one of Mattel’s marketing ploy to hype up enthusiasm and demand for something that would eventually be sold as a regular item. As with many other hopefuls, I am one of those who were clearly dsiappointed when harsh reality set in and made everyone realize that Holiday Hal was never going to be part of our collections.

A few of those who were lucky enough to be recipients of one of the 100 pieces lost no time and posted theirs up for sale on eBay. The first one sold for a whopping $3,500 (rounded off) and subsequent sales were also in the 4-digit price tags, though maybe not as high. I suppose Hal is worth that much to those who can afford him. Unfortunately, average Joes (or Juans) from 3rd world countries like myself will have to simply be content and just admire such things from a distance (and maybe blame our government for our poverty).

But, of course, there are alternatives. Whoever it was who said that necessity is the mother of all innovations must have either been a fellow 3rd world citizen or an action figure customizer. Several Hal Jordan customs have been made over the last year. This is probably a natural (or logical) effect arising out of the frustration of many from the seemingly unfair deal that fate has dealt a loyal fan base. Some of these customs even sold on eBay at prices you wouldn’t think one would pay for a copy. For many, myself included, these alternatives were just as good as the real thing. After all, what other choices do we have?

In retrospect, the Holiday Hal Jordan exclusive may have been viewed by many as one of the downsides of collecting action figures. As far as exclusives go, I think Holiday Hal was (probably still is) one of the toughest to obtain. To a certain extent, it’s much harder for collectors to accept the fact that there exists 100 official pieces of him rather than seeing prototypes that never went into actual production.



Shrink humor

JPX stumbles across brand-spanking new JLU figures on purple cards!

Man, I still want to get this but I think it will cost too much

Also I want Doomsday but not the rest of these repaints

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Concept Ralph McQuarrie Signature Edition

By the way, this is the set I picked up;

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Geek Love

Star Wars in 3 minutes...with action-figures!

Truly awful Star Wars collectibles

Underoos (for girls)

"Just what every little girl dreams of - a matching vest and knickers set that makes them look a bit like a robot.
I admire whoever had the guts to give a presentation about "One top and one panty with cotton lined crotch" to George Lucas.

Legal note: The sale of these items constitutes a criminal offence in Scotland.


Shiny as a Droid

Why yes - an educational book giving the kiddies "Things to See, Touch and Smell from a Galaxy Far, Far Away".
You too can look at some pictures, stroke a bit of fur stuck to a page and - of course - discover the true meaning of Scratch 'n' Sniff. What smells from Star Wars did it provide? Oil? Scorched Stormtrooper armour? Lightsaber lubricant? We may never know... or care.

The literary world was horrified when investigative journalists discovered that the Things were not from a Galaxy Far, Far Away at all. They were actually from a book factory in Wisconsin, which just seems like another galaxy.


C3PO Tape Dispenser

Good God.
"Come and pull on my tape, little boy!"

I don't know which is worse - the positioning of the tape roll or the look on his face.

(JPX owns this)

Fun Ponchos

Plastic ponchos with silly pictures on. That's it.
What exactly is fun about a poncho?

"Say Billy, would you like to go to Disneyland today?"
"Sorry Dad, but I'm going to see Jimmy - He's got ponchos!"

They should have gone the whole hog and had tabards. Now they ARE fun.


Flip Flops

Out of all the thousands of items of Star Wars merchandise, these remain the only product that causes chafed toes.
These were released to satiate the desires of people who want C-3PO faces on top of their feet. Sadly for the manufacturers, all those people had been humanely put to sleep.


What Can You Get A Wookie For Christmas (When He Already Owns A Comb?)

It's fingers in your ears time - a novelty Star Wars record is upon us.
Incredibly, this song is actually as bad as it sounds. And the B-Side is "R2-D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas."

But this isn't the most awful sci-fi song ever... William Shatner's album "The Transformed Man" is infinitely more horrifying. Yes, it features THAT version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".
(Shatner claims that his album is 'greatly misunderstood'. Presumably, people mistakenly believe that you are supposed to listen to it.)


Darth Vader Cake Decorating Kit

Little Billy wants a birthday cake in the shape of Darth Vader's helmet. Fair enough.
Except... What will we use for the icing? It suggests chocolate on the box. But chocolate is brown! We can't make it the wrong colour. What edible substance is black...?

On the day of the party, all of Billy's friends have a piece of cake. They bite into it and discover LICORICE ICING. Nobody ever speaks to Billy again, and he grows up to be a music critic for NME magazine."


Awfulness Rating Guide

* - German Teacher
** - Patronising Police Officer
*** - Daytime TV Presenter
**** - Overweight, spoilt 8-year-old
***** - John Wayne

Friday, December 08, 2006

JPX finds new Justice League Unlimited wave

Yep, I picked up this baby (on a single card), finally. I also grabbed up this,

They also had this set, but I already have 2 of the 3.

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The worst Darth Vader figure ever

From X-Entertainment, "It wasn't long ago that I reported on the coolest holiday snow globe ever, featuring Darth Vader in the midst of building the Death Star out of snow. I've since gotten many e-mails from Vader-loving readers wanting to know where to buy such a thing (try Target), and everything told, all signs pointed to Darth Vader owning the 2006 holiday season.

But for every victory, there is a new challenge. The Darth Vader snow globe rocked our socks, but the most recent Darth Vader action figure is doing something…other than rocking our socks.

First, a little exposition: When Hasbro/Kenner relaunched the Star Wars action figure line in 1995, they couldn't have been prepared for the amount of success this new collection would have. Well, they adapted quick. Even with the wealth of characters found in the six "official" Star Wars movies, they needed more.

So, we got Luke in fifty different outfits. We got Clone Troopers in sixty different outfits. We got Yodas with snakes, with robes, in battle poses, in meditation poses, glowing and not glowing, with tufts of hair and without tufts of hair. There's something to be said for having a favorite Star Wars character and knowing that said character comes in at least thirty-seven different action figure varieties.

But this Vader? He's too much.

We've seen a lot of Darth Vader figures. We've gotten him "proper." We've gotten him as-seen in the original and prequel trilogies. We even got him sans-mask, with that weird old dude burny face that looked a bit like a fluid-injected lemon cookie. And now, we have this…

Yes, it's Darth Vader, being attacked by Silly String! Actually, this ill-executed attempt is meant to portray Vader as he was catching stray lightning bolts while chucking Emperor Palpatine down the Death Star's conveniently placed bottomless shaft. And here I thought that molding the fat guy who cried when the Rancor died was as low as it'd get.

The web of "lightning" is removable, leaving you with what appears to be a pile of tangled, purple, action figure scale jockstraps. As a kid who grew up always counting on a good ol' Darth Vader figure with telescoping lightsaber and chewable plastic cape to get me through the days no matter how bad they were, it's sad to see the Dark Lord reduced to material for sarcastic blog entries."

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Lets get on with the toys

Okay, Horrothon has been consuming all of my time, but to tell you the truth there hasn't been a lot of new product out there worth mentioning. Hasbro continues its trend of repaints but here's your opportunity to get some of the better cantina denizens you might have missed the first time around.