Friday, December 22, 2006

Justice League Unlimited figure guide

I've been having a difficult time culling a list of all the Justice League Unlimited figures. I finally sumbled across this list, which appears to be fairly comprehensive. We should put together our own pictoral guide based on this list and recent offerings (perhaps even make it a separate link).


Aquaman (multiple releases -- 3Pack & Single)
The Atom (3Pack and single)
Atom Smasher (3Pack and single)
Arkiss Chummuck (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Aztek (3Pack and single)
Batman (multiple releases)
Black Canary (3Pack only)
Booster Gold (3Pack and single (skeets included in single only)
Dove (3Pack and single)
Dr. Fate (3Pack and single)
Dr. Light (3-pack and single)
Enlongated Man (3 pack only -- single coming soon)
Etrigan the Demon (coming soon - 3Pack only)
Flash (multiple releases - 2 variations)
Green Arrow (3Pack and single)
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) (Mattel exclusive limited to 100)
Green Lantern (John Stewart original JL - multiple releases)
Green Lantern (John Stewart - JLU update w/ shaved head and goatee - multiple releases)
Hawk (3Pack and single)
Hawkgirl (multiple releases)
Huntress (3pack and single)
Kilowog GL Corp (3 pack only)
Kyle Rayner GL Corp (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Katma Tui GL Corp (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Martian Manhunter (standard form - multiple releases)
Martian Manhunter (martian form - 3Pack & single)
Martian Manhunter (transparent form - 3 variations Clear, Clear Painted & green - 3Pack & Single)
Metamorpho (3 pack only -- single coming soon)
Orion (3 pack only -- single coming soon)
The Ray (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Red Tornado (2 variations -- 3Pack & Single)
The Shade (single)
Shayera Hol (coming soon -- 3pack only)
Shining Knight (coming soon -- 3pack only)
Starman (3Pack & Single)
Steel (single only)
Supergirl (single only)
Superman (multiple releases - 3Pack & Single)
Tomar-Re GL Corp (3 pack only)
Vigilante (coming soon -- single)
Vixen (coming soon -- 3 pack only)
Waverider (3Pack & Single)
Wildcat (3Pack & Single)
Wonder Woman (2 variations -- multiple releases in 3Pack & single)
Zatanna (coming soon -- 3pack only)


Amazo (silver -- 3pack only)
Amazo (gold - single only)
Bizzaroo (2 variations (lighter red and dark red logo) -- 3pack only)
Brainiac (3Pack & single)
Copperhead (3Pack -- single coming soon)
Darkseid (two variations (light skin and darker gray skin - singles)
Lex Luthor (in suit -- 2 pack only)
Lex Luthor (Legion of Doom Version -- 3 Pack only)
Mirror Master (3pack only)
Sinestro (3pack only)
Ultra-Humanite (single)


The Justice Lords (3Packs only)
Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter (coming soon) , Flash (coming soon) and Green Lantern (coming soon)

Motorcycles with molded figures in same scale:
Batman (2styles), Flash (2styles), Green Lantern John Stewart, Green Arrow.

Here's 2 good pictoral resources: and


Octopunk said...

Cool! That's a good list to start with, although it'll need some tweaking. The Shade is a villain, it's not spelled "Bizarroo," and a bunch of the "coming soon" stuff is already out.

JPX said...

Yeah, I think it's a good start and wont take too much effort to update (and keep updating).