Monday, December 04, 2006

Lets get on with the toys

Okay, Horrothon has been consuming all of my time, but to tell you the truth there hasn't been a lot of new product out there worth mentioning. Hasbro continues its trend of repaints but here's your opportunity to get some of the better cantina denizens you might have missed the first time around.


JPX said...

I might have to pick up that dumb praying mantis figure just to be a cantina completest.

Octopunk said...

Yeah, me too. Are the snaggletooths and hornhead guys just repaints, or new sculpts like that unmissable Hammerhead?

JPX said...

My understanding is that they're just repaints. Do you already have the R2 unit?

Octopunk said...

I don't, but you know I will.

It's cool that the astromech droids can be of iffy quality and still be worth getting. It's also cool that I HAVE THEM ALL.* Heh heh heh.

*But not all the R2D2 incarnations. Nein danke.