Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I wish these were better


News comes from and NECA's MySpace:

Some things you guys are going to dig in 2007:

- 300
- Grindhouse
- Shaun of the Dead "Winchester two pack"
- 18" Hannibal Lector (in straight jacket with cart)
- Another Cult Classics "Hall of Fame" series
- Cult Classics Series 6
- More Dawn of the Dead figures

"NECA is proud to present Official Grindhouse Action Figures! Our first series of figures includes machine gun-legged Cherry, Dakota, and Rapist No. 1! With a character like "Rapist No. 1," you know this movie is going to be just as sick we're hoping! These figures don't hit shelves until early spring, but here's a first glimpse at our awesome Grindhouse Action Figures!"


Octopunk said...

Why does Rose's leg stump look so weird? That's my question. Maybe she comes with another regular leg.

When was the last time you bought a "realistic" action figure like these guys? I've got an Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow and Heather Graham's character from Austin Powers 2, but they were both gifts.

Really, can you remember? Do you have any of the McFarlane movie figs?

Octopunk said...

Okay, the Rose figure is fairly hot, for what that's worth.

JPX said...

A chick with a gun for a leg would make such a cool toy if ANY other toy company had the license. Once again we get a glorified paper weight.

I bought the original McFarlane horror figures when they first came out, but then again I've made a lot of stupid mistakes in my life.

Octopunk said...


Sexy action figures are such a bad conduit for sexy. Remember how much that pole-dancing Slave Leia seemed like a must-own until we actually saw one?

Rose McGowan's curves look great on the poster and the pic of the figure there looks like they followed those same lines. I'll admit I'm tempted but I'll wait until I see one (and it would be really cool if she came with a non-gun leg).

JPX said...

"and it would be really cool if she came with a non-gun leg."

She does, look at the picture!

Octopunk said...

Fawesome! I'll probably see one and go "nah," but it's good that they did that.

I'm not surprised, it's so them.