Saturday, May 30, 2009

46-Foot Long Self-Supporting LEGO Bridge

From geekology, In an attempt to create the world's longest self-supporting LEGO bridge, a group of LEGOphiles in Australia have constructed this 46-foot long behemoth as part of the 2009 Australia Model Railway Expo. Now I'm not suggesting we start building real bridges out of LEGO, but I mean, we definitely should. And, to give you an idea of just how large this thing is, it's 46-feet. That's like ten of my penises laid out. Widthwise. Lad-- no?


Octopunk said...

Who'd want a four-and-a-half foot wide cock? Reminds me of your "thousand pardons" joke.

(And I mean you, JPX. Remember that joke?)

That bridge is super cool. But it'll be ever more cool when it falls apart.

JPX said...

I must admit, I totally don't recall that joke!

Octopunk said...

Oh, a guy gets a wish from a genie and he wishes for a bigger dick, and the genie casts a spell that says every time someone says "pardon" to him, he'll gain an inch.

So the guy goes out to try it, and purposely bumps into two people, and they say "pardon," and each time he goes to check and sure enough he's gained an inch on his willy. But the third person he bumps into is an East Indian guy, and he says "a thousand pardons."

That's the joke.