Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not Bad!: LEGO Super Mario Level Aquarium Decorations

From geekology, This is a couple pictures and a video of the 55-gallon aquarium Redditor jennyleighb's roommate decorated with a custom LEGO Super Mario Bros. scene he built. Pet fish never had it so good! Still, you know what it needs? "A skeleton pirate drinking out of a jug of rum?" Exactamundo. I'd suggest hitting up the Wal-Mart pet department, but all the dead fish in their tanks will end up depressing you. I don't know who's supposed to take care of those things, but they should NOT be allowed to own pets (I suspect it's the greeter).

Go here for more pictures and a video tour.

1 comment:

Octopunk said...

Ehhhh, it's okay I guess, but since he painted the 8-bit textures onto everything it minimizes the LEGOness of the project.

I hope whatever paint he used doesn't poison the fish.