Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The 10 Least Essential Mego Action Figures

10) Dr. Kromedome

Mego reportedly created this 12-inch baddie as a kind-of unofficial addition to Kenner's Six Million Dollar Man toyline. Yeah, remember that episode where Steve Austin fought the bastard son of Magneto and Seven-Of-Nine who had pursued his destiny in community college Shakespearian theater before stumbling into a life of crime? Hell if we do since that show was before our time, but this figure sure doesn't want to make us get our bionic fix on Netflix.

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Octopunk said...

I skimmed the comments, JPX, but I did not see you leaping up in support of the Love Boat figures. And are you now scanning eBay for the Love Boat playset?

I have two of the Playmates Mugato figs, and I really want to sculpt the Mego disco Mugato costume onto one of them someday. I want to do a lot of things someday.

JPX said...

You're right! As I type this my Love Boat action figures are performing a pyramid on my fireplace!