Friday, July 28, 2006

New Death Star Gunner with removable helmet

I'm a bit worried that he might only look good in this pose.


Octopunk said...

I think he's got a knee joint there, which would open up the pose options. The question is, is he better enough than the older version. Like the recent Hammerhead controversy.

Thinking about it, it is pretty damn lame of them to start making better versions of old figures, but then again...better figures!

JPX said...

It's almost a conspiracy. You can almost imagine the board meetings, "Okay, I sculpted this really cool looking Hammerhead, but let's make him slightly less cool so we can offer a cooler version in the future." Yep, that's what the discussions must be like.

JPX said...

Also, the helmet comes off!

I'm not sure why I punctuated that, I mean, why would I ever take the helmet off?