Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Again with the X-wing


Octopunk said...

I think what's happening here is that they've only got the SW license for a little while longer and they're reconfiguring sets and minifigures and stuff, i.e. here's a chance to get Hoth Leia and Hoth Han without buying the expensive Falcon set. It would be less annoying if there was something groovy about the new ship design.

JPX said...

What ships haven't they made at this point? Are there any glaring omissions?

Octopunk said...

With the recent Sandcrawler and Sail Barge sets, they covered the last thing I'd call a glaring omission, except that they never made any of the chromed ships from Naboo. I suspect that’s economic; chrome is expensive. This cost me 80 bucks.

But there’s still a lot of stuff I think they could do. They never went nuts with playsets, which is where the wider variety of minifigs could be explored (I reckon the playsets don’t sell like the vehicles). They never made a tauntaun or a wampa or a probot. They could hit some of the obscure background ships from the prequels, like Sidious’s shuttle, or the Republic Cruisers from Ep 2 (the proto Star Destroyers). In fact, I’ll bet they make a Venator class Star Destroyer before the license expires (the Ep 3 kind with the red stripe). There’s a number of fan-built Venators on Brickshelf.