Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Indiana Jones is lonely

Indiana Jones Kenner TV Commercial

All the shadows and fog can't disguise the fact that there are no other Indiana Jones characters in this toy line. For crying out loud, where's Belloq? Cairo Swordsman? Nazi? Sure the first thing every kid did was roll a ball after him, but then what? I guess you could pair him up with Chewie so they could defeat Darth...oh never mind. Lame.


Octopunk said...

Yeah, not even a little monkey!

Okay, I just checked Toy Archive to confirm my suspicion that they never made figures in a Nazi uniform, and I'm kind of right because the only one is Indy in disguise.

By the way, I had to Google to get to the toy archive since ALL MY LINKS DISAPPEARED when I changed the template. Grrrr.

But yeah, it's lame to make one figure in a series. His accessory winds up being a real basketball? I collect figures in order to avoid sports, thank you very much.

JPX said...

The new background is much better (from a being-able-to-read) perspective - thanks!