Friday, August 25, 2006

New JLU 3-packs to delight and enrage you

I was poking around eBay today and found a bunch of new JLU figures I've never seen in real life. From the exorbitant prices they were offering, I'd say these are still pretty new. Of course there is a big burn, which is the Justice Lords Hawkgirl, who comes in a TRU exclusive 3-pack with THE SAME TWO figures as the first Justice Lords 3-pack. So in order to get both the J-Lords Wonder Woman and the J-Lords Hawkgirl, you'll have to double up on J-Lord Supes and Bats. Which is especially discouraging because moments before I discovered this I decided I needed to get that original 3-pack. After looking at the J-Lord Flash, GL and Manhunter I bet you'll feel the same. I want the whole evil League., from which I pulled most of these images, also offered pre-orders for the Etrigan 3-pack and the 3-pack containing the Ray, both of which ship in October. Toywiz's markups are far to high to consider.

Still no sign of Vigilante.

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Octopunk said...

Just now on the phone with JPX, I incorrectly surmised that Zatanna was wearing her new costume, not the top-hat-and-fishnets one. Wrong! Apparently that's the costume she uses on the JLU cartoon, and for all I know she's gone back to using it in the comics, too. Her post-fishnets costume looks like this, which I admit would also make a good figure. Not quite as sexy, though.