Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Comic-Con nerd teases us about upcoming Justice League Unlimited figures

Just got back from the San Diego Comic-Con and let me tell you, the Justice League Unlimited line is about to explode with new figures, I went to the special toy question pannel that Mattel set-up, plus what they showed and displayed now come to about 30 brand new characters from now until 2007, with some figures still being underwraps. The are as follows
-The Huntress,-Big barda,-Vigialnte,-Shinning Knight,-Star Girl,-Kyle Rayner,-Katma Tui,-Etrigan,-Arkis Chummuck,-Zatanna,-Obsidian,-The Ray,-Sand,-Nemesis,-Ligh Ray,-Shayera Hol,-Doomsday(target exclusive),-The Shade,-Star Sapphire,-Parasite,-Volcana,-Justice Lords: GL, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Hawk Girl(target exclusive), Plus the coolest surprise was that Hawkgirl will be packaged with redecoed Justice Lord Batman and Superman to make them look like the Brainithor Clones. There were hints also to one more Green Lantern 3 pack, Some unique exclusives that will be only geared toward collectors, and somemore female figures leading up until the end of 07, when asked if the line may be discontinued after that, the Mattel representative stated that no talks about any Mattel figure line has gone past 07 yet, so we should not have to worry right now.


Octopunk said...

Holy crap! That's so many figures, I'm having trouble determining if that's good news or not. Sheesh.

It's weird that I saw Shining Knight and some of the others on eBay the other day. Watch the skies!

JPX said...

I know, it's like be careful what you wish for! Whenever I find a bunch of new figures it's always a mixed blessing. On the one hand I'm psyched but on the other hand the fiscal reality sets in. Gone are the days when I'd buy an entire set of new figures all at once. They need to dole out new stuff 2 figures at a time so we can stay on top of it without becoming homeless. Sigh.