Monday, August 28, 2006

Octopunk's JLU collection is looking to kick your ass

On my way home from Wine Country this weekend, I swung by the usual haunts and found the TRU exclusive 3-pack with J-Lord Hawkgirl -- and since they also had one J-Lord 3-pack with Wonder Woman I decided to just eat it and buy the lot. The back of the Hawkgirl blister card has pics of all the combos I posted below, and also Huntress, available with Batman and the Atom (annoying).

And as if that weren't enough for the weekend, last night I scored this gray Amazo fig off eBay for only 10 bucks with shipping. Score!

So the old figures I still need are...

Booster Gold
Black Canary, except she kinda sucks


JPX said...

I need Black Canary (yeah she sucks) and Booster Gold, which I NEVER see. I barely recall him being out. Good score on the figures, by the way!

Octopunk said...

I've only seen BG on eBay. I'd prefer to get the single carded one since the accessory he's got looks sort of neat. I think I'll aim for the others first.