Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lego Scoop

No pictures available yet, but they're coming.

Droids Battle Pack (7654) - EUR 12.99
Clone Troopers Battle Pack (7655) - EUR 12.99
General Grievous’ Starfighter (7656) - EUR 25.99
AT-ST (7657) - EUR 24.99
Y-wing Fighter (7658) - EUR 45.99
Imperial Landing Craft (7659) - EUR 64.99


Octopunk said...

OoooOOOOooohh! That's interesting! Not all of it is, but battle packs? Have they finally wised up and made packs of troopers? Yaaay!

If they made a five pack of Clone/Stormtroopers, it would sell like mad. I'm not so sure about the droids.

And Grievous's starfighter! That rules! Has there been any toy of that yet?

JPX said...

You mean his wheel bike?

Octopunk said...

Nooooo! His starfighter. As in, flies up among the stars? Hello?

Obi-wan steals it after the clones turn on him.