Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ithorians RULE

I held this picture back when I was posting yesterday so I could get another post out of it. This makes me want to get a Clone Wars dvd RIGHT NOW so I can watch this dude use his wall of sound to mash droids. Love his big hands, too.


JPX said...

Oh man, I want an action figure of this NOW!!! Weren't we recently discussing how the Clone Wars cartoons made Hammerhead cool in a way we never envisioned? If you just go by A New Hope you get the idea that Hammerhead is just an old fart. This statue really captures how dynamic the charater was in Clone Wars. I'll be thrilled if they made action figures of all the charaters in this style. Cool.

Octopunk said...

You're so right about "old fart" HH! Clone Wars breathed new excitement into a lot of the standard SW aliens (Foul Modama and the "wolfman" Jedi being two other great examples). I love how big this guy's eyes are. Cartoons rule!