Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mobile Action Command

Does anybody here remember these? I had some of these toys but, unusually: 1)I can't recall exactly which ones I had, and 2)not one single piece of plastic from any of these toys survived my childhood. The last thing that lived was the person-holding bucket from the end of the liftarm of this rescue vehicle below. I removed it and pretended my Twiki figure used it as a flying vehicle, like the flying trash can things that Dick Tracy sometimes used. The bucket's gone, but I still have Twiki. Beedie-beedie-beedie.

M.A.C. men were small but kind of cool. Their vehicles had that mildly futuristic look I associated with the background vehicles on Thunderbirds, that "21st century as seen by the 1960's" look. You can see in the bottom picture that they redid the torsos to make them bulkier -- not an improvement. I don't think I ever got any of the buffer M.A.C. men; I preferred the more rectangular torso. I looked on ebay yesterday and only the beefy guys were available.

Check out the M.A.C. archive page here.


JPX said...

Wow, that's a toyline that flew completely under my radar. I vaguely recall the name, M.A.C., but I've never known anything about the product. I'm not sure about the scale, but they appear to resemble Adventure People. Adventure People (the first action figure line?) was a solid product but the heads always became loose and the figures would inevitably end up staring at the ground.

Octopunk said...

Heh -- I remember noting the "superiority" of Adventure People because of that ball and socket joint for their heads (on the standard that more movement=good; I felt the same way about my sister's Barbies being able to bend their knees backwards).

Then The Loosening would occur, and all my Adventure People would nod off at the switch.

The M.A.C. guys are smaller, probably only about 2/3 the height of an Adventure Person.

falco348 said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

azanti said...

Hi Jeff - I do indeed remember these and I still have the box for the Mac Mountain, though the actual set itself is long gone. I also had the command vehicle and all of the smaller vehicles. The infantry packs came with two men and some equipment, after a while the shape of the actual figures changed and they became more muscular with huge heads, where as I preferred the robotic look of the other ones. I remember getting the Mac Mountain as my main Xmas present that year along with a Dinky Eagle. I remember the advert on TV that made me want the collection - it is such a shame that so much of it got swapped with other friends, for as I recall, mirconaunts.

simon said...


I still have the big vehicle. Dunno what became of the my mountain - probably died in a skip sometime in the 80's with my starbird!

Those 2nd gen mac men cracked me up - thye went from skinny Teddy Sheringham lookalikes to muscled Doug Mclures!

Awesome memories there fella - cheers!

simon said...
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simon said...
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