Monday, January 30, 2006

Star Wars Survival Kit

Did you ever get one of these sets? I still have most of the pieces from mine. It was actually a pretty cool promotion even if they did recycle the blasters. I especially liked getting the Yoda backpack so Luke could finally carry Yoda the way he was supposed to be carried (too bad there was never a Dagobah Luke in those days). The Hoth backbacks were also pretty cool. The 1997 ATAT toy actually came with some of these pieces if I recall correctly (or it might have been the Rebel Transport).


Octopunk said...

I sent away for one of those AND IT NEVER CAME. Very disappointing, but only for a while. I really only recall those Hoth backpacks being cool.

Damn it, thanks for reminding me.

JPX said...

I can just imagine the present owners of the Cross houshold receiving this beat-up package in the mail. Come to think of it, perhaps that's what Tom Hanks' character had in the box while he was trapped on that island. It ALWAYS pissed me off that he never opened that box.

Octopunk said...

I liked the Fed Ex commercial that riffed on that. The guy drops off the package at the lady's door and it turns out it's full of flares, medical supplies and a satellite phone.