Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Aztek -- single carded

I was in a spending mood last night, and along with some Lego sets (about which I may post later), I found this guy. I'm happy to report that he can stand up perfectly and he's a pretty cool entry in a series with a lot of cool entries. I recommend it, if you don't already have one.

I haven't tried his shield to see if it fits. But who cares.


JPX said...

I've picked him up many times but I still haven't purchased him yet. I'm pleased to hear that he can stand up (for once!). I've been searching for that other guy pictured on the back of the card (looks like a black Tick).

Octopunk said...

I kept the card but I don't have it with me; I think maybe that's another version of Wildcat with claws and a mask.

I like Aztek's color scheme. If there's any of these dudes I'm going to skip, it'll be b/c they look too much alike, like Orion and Atom Smasher. That's "if" I skip any (not counting the obvious skips). Whereas Az-man is fairly unique with his white/gold w/ red highlights thing.