Friday, January 27, 2006

My Favorite Super Powers Figure

I had to think about this one, because as I look at the lineup I want to declare a ten-way tie. Ultimately I'm going with Martian Manhunter as #1 with Dr. Fate as a close second.

These two were the first two I got, and right around that time some c-book store guy had noted the SP line's superiority over the Secret Wars figs, the Marvel equivalent at the time. Secret Wars figures were basically all the same sculpt with different paintjobs, unlike the distinct shapes of the DC heroes. I remember picking up Martian and Fate to investigate this fact, and noting the slightly alien look to MM's biceps. You can't really see what I mean in this pic, but with that one subtle curve the entire scope of the sculptors' skill and effort became apparent to me. I'd say that MM being my favorite superhero and favorite SP fig are two closely connected ideas.

The other figs from this collection that make me drool are:

Green Lantern
Lex Luthor
Red Tornado

Even the figs that one might pass on first glance have amazing elements, like Aquaman's scaly shirt or Hawkman's awesome color combination.

You're all winners!


Summerisle said...

You know, I had both of those figures when I was younger and I loved both of them! I had (and still have) no idea what the hell their deal was or what their powers are but it's amazing to me that you picked those two. And speaking of powers, what the hell is Vision all about? I never grasped just what exactly he or his agenda was but he was intriguing. Great look, that lifeless red face. I recently bought a stack of old Marvel Universes and one of them has his bio but it was so unbelievably dull that I couldn't make it through 2 sentences.

Summerisle said...

Now that I think about it, those were the only ones aside from Green Arrow and that weird short stalky bad guy dressed in brown that I picked up from that set. My whole life I've been a Marvel purist only because DC is totally lame in comparison so given the choices, I collected the crappy Secret Wars guys. They weren't pretty to look at but if memory serves me correctly it was the first appearance of Wolverine in figure form. The claws were clip ons but, you know...

JPX said...

Both of those figures are awesome! It's difficult to pick the "best" from the set because they're all pretty decent. It's like trying to pick the best Beatles song.

JPX said...

I remember that horrible story about DF's arm - it's such a tragedy! Growing up with Summerisle was like that. I always felt like the moment I was out of sight he's relish in "accidentally" breaking or losing my figures or their accessories!

Octopunk said...

Ha! Green Arrow was my third guy after MM and Doc F. When I went to college I left GA and DF behind to mingle with Tim's GI Joes, and they were never to be seen again (except, discouragingly, for Doc Fate's bright blue and yellow forearm). I replaced them later.

Octopunk said...

Re: Vision. Many Marvel characters are riffed off of DC characters (for instance, Professor X's antecedant is Niles Caulder, the wheelchair-bound leader of the Doom Patrol). The Vision was the Avengers' Martian Manhunter analog. Stoic, slightly alien in appearance, and with a long list of powers. I don't know Vision's powers, but Martian Manhunter has Superman-level strength, some heat vision equivalent, he's a shapechanger, he can turn invisible, he can phase through solid matter (I remember George Bartlett saying the Vision could become "zero density," and I think this is the same thing), and he was telepathic.

Part of the reason he's my fave super hero is his long catalog of powers. Plus his vulnerability