Friday, January 13, 2006

Cool Lego Story

I'm making this lego blimp that's predominantly white, and I wanted the secondary color to be brown. To do this I needed some of this piece in brown, in a rather key spot. The odd thing was, while there were five sellers (all in the UK) with this piece in brown, Bricklink didn't have a listing for any set that contained one in that color. Bricklink's database isn't foolproof, but I happened to ask the seller where it came from. The answer was better than I would have thought:

"They came from pick a brick at Legoland Windsor. They seem to have been cleaning out the model makers stockroom to make room for new stuff (They just re-built the whole of London in miniland). A lot of rarer parts are now appearing with sellers in the UK, California, Germany and Billund as all the Legolands seem to be having a clearout since they got taken over. Not that I'm complaining."

Secret Legoland model maker colors! How cool is that?

Thanks to Janette across the pond for that one.


JPX said...

Does this mean that you'll be able to find that piece in the Redwood City mall? What does it cost to order a single piece like that from Briclink?

Octopunk said...

In brown, that piece cost 26 cents each. I bought 8, even though my current project only calls for 2.

JPX said...

Wow, so the postage would actually be more expensive than the piece itself! Do they actually ship single pieces or is there a minimum? I've wanted to get a few of the character figures.

Octopunk said...

It depends on the seller. The ones who have minimums, they're usually under 10 bucks.

When you look up a piece in a certain color (color wouldn't be an issue with minifigs), you get a list of sellers who have it, in order of who's selling it for the least upward. On that screen you can see where the seller is, and what their minimum is. I tend towards domestic sellers for the cheaper postage.