Wednesday, January 04, 2006

JPX sighted on west coast

Here's the two of us on Haight Street, negotiating a deal. The deal is I unload some dupe Star Wars minifigs and JPX's son claps his hands. Amazingly, two days later we'd both be in RI and not manage to hang out. Whiplash X-mas.


JPX said...

That picture's great, and that look in your eye is classic! Ben was so thrilled with those Star Wars figures. He loves to take all the men apart and then create his own robots/monsters/heros. Whenever he leaves I put all his Legos back together the way they look on the box. I feel a little guilty because when he wants to play with his Legos he always says, "Can I build whatever I want?" It's almost as if he senses the completest in me.

Octopunk said...

Someday you'll give in to the entropy of the legos. Keeping good track of the people parts is highly recommended, though. Discourage the removal of their little hands, they're easy to lose.