Tuesday, February 07, 2006


You know when you have something cool coming to you in the mail, and it's late, and you're anxious about it? I had not one but two packages like that: One was a Bricklink order that was more than a month late;
the other was an eBay order which, while it had no outward signs of trouble, was the first one I'd paid for without ever emailing with a live person. And it was from Hong Kong. Clearly the late legos were worsening my edginess about it, but the upshot is that they were both waiting for me when I got back to my desk today. The legos included the whole dragon from the Harry Potter set, (all I would've wanted from that set). The beastie is fantastic, much cooler than that picture makes it look. The other newbies were (top-to-bottom) the much sought-after Pachydiscus, the not-quite-as-sought-after-but-now-I-have-the-whole-set Suchomimus, and the purchased-on-a-lark Meiolania. He's from Series 2, which I still need 8 of (both series have 24). The turtle has a neat little face. It was a good day, despite Godzilla: Final Wars. Welcome to my toy empire, new citizens! I'm a kind and benevolent ruler, but I own you.


JPX said...

There's nothing better than coming home to a package, unless it's 2 packages! I was using Ebay so much at one point that I was getting a package like every other day. That dragon is cool, is it put together like that T-Rex from that recent Dino set?

Octopunk said...

A little differently: the only thing that moves on the dragon is his wings and his jaw. You'd think that would detract from the coolness, but the sculpt on the body is so good it really conveys the idea of this thing flying, and fast. I'm very pleased.