Thursday, February 02, 2006

Whip this

From the "Why?" file comes a new Devo action figure with 5 heads.


JPX said...

Yeah I know the second head looks like me!

Octopunk said...

Ahh! I never would've noticed that, but it really does! Crap! The eyes are following me!

That's a weird move, the five heads. If you want to assemble a whole band, you'd have to get five of them, and then you'd have a bucketfull of heads.

(singing) Yo yo yo yo, bucket of heads, bucket of heads...

I win!

Octopunk said...

You know, if they made Devo figures that looked less realistic, that might be fun to have. But this?

What's with the legs/torso proportions? I now the belt is meant to be hiked up, but the legs look like the guy should be a third taller than he is.

This is a McFarlane atrocity, no?