Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Toy Fair wrap-up: Alien

I don't know what it is. The Alien flicks created some of the coolest monsters this side of the galaxy yet they always end up sucking as a toy. I like these ships a lot though. I mean, can't you just feel the coolness? I'm certain that like every cool Alien ship toy, they'll be impossible to locate in your friendly neighborhood toy store.

Instead we'll find these peg-warmers.

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Octopunk said...

I don't know about that drop ship, but that is the same exact Sulaco model kit that I have. I can tell b/c the stand is the same. I think the Narcissus (the life pod from Alien) is the model kit I've got, too, but I'm not as sure. It's unclear from these pics if these ships are being offered or if they're just decoration.

There was a drop-ship model kit, but I never got it. That could be it for all I know.

I wish that Kane in spacesuit figure was better; I've always liked the weird bulk of those spacesuits.