Tuesday, February 07, 2006

White boxes!

I'm having a good week so far. Inside a regular-looking box from Hong Kong were these two white boxes...and inside those were my astromech droids! The custom slip read simply "toy."

This is great. There was a point last month when I had six packages en route to me, and now they're all here, safe and sound.



JPX said...

Aw man, how are they? I'm soooooo freakin' jealous!!! You must take a picture of all the droids together. What an awesome thing to come home to - there's something so exciting about seeing those plain white boxes in your mailbox.

Octopunk said...

Actually, all the packages I've been talking about came to my office. However, I'm thinking of switching for home delivery because I got sick of looking in the dept. in-box and seeing nothing.

But yeah, packages RULE.