Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Toy Fair wrap-up

Below are some of the final images taken from this year's Toy Fair. These coupled with previous postings suggest that 2006 is a grim time for the toy industry. The Star Wars toys are all retreads made of cheap plastic, and the below Star Trek toys are a big yawn.

All I know is that Toy Vault has virtually every single Playmates Star Trek figure on the card for about $4/piece. I can't imagine that there's a market out there for a "new" series of Trek figures. Even I'm bored with them.

Ships are cool!

Yes, you too will be able to own these cardboard renderings of your favorite crew members in the near future. Sheesh, they have all year to prepare for this, you'd think that they'd be able to get their act together in time for arguably the most important showcase for their wares.

Look, it's the crew of the Enterprise, again. Sigh.

Oh sorry, I was yawning.

Again, boring. How can we get excited by this stuff when Playmates has already given us 100s of similar (better) figures in the 90s?

If you tilt your computer you'll see a very cool looking toy. What? I can just tilt my head?


Octopunk said...

The midriff-bearing Uhura might be a fun figure to own, but probably not. I thought I wanted a Leia Unleashed, too, until I saw one.

Are these Art Asylum figs? I thought maybe they gave up. I don't know how that scale became popular; you can't really do vehicles with it. For the nerds I can see it, but for kids?

These are inferior to the Playmates ones, hands down. I can't believe they're pumping out so many figures in the same uniform...again. I guess they're taking their cue from the SW line.

JPX said...

I believe it is Art Asylum. Yeah, I don't recall when these larger figures became the acceptable scale. I blame everything on McFarlane. Thank God we have JLU!

Octopunk said...

God, yeah. I was noticing some repeat sculpts on the JLU figs I just bought (Copperhead and Tomar Re have the same torso and legs), then I realized I don't care. They're the only series that's any fun out there right now.