Thursday, February 02, 2006

Those Bastards

Bald Green Lantern
Red Tornado
Booster Gold
Atom Smasher
Lex Luthor
Mirror Master
Tomar Re

Damn! DAMN! That's the list of JLU figs I need, just based on the back of some blister cards and my knowledge of what is out there. I may even be forgetting someone. I gotta put some effort into this. I may need your help.

Waverider, I'm happy to say, enjoys a key spot in my fig display. Too bad the picture is so crappy.



JPX said...

Damn! I'm doing a little better than you on these Unlimited figures, but not by too mcuh. The thing that sucks is that in order to obtain those figures you're looking at a lot of coin because most are part of 3-packs. Sigh. I think we need to do a Justice League action figure pictorial because I can't find one anywhere and the collection is really growing.

Octopunk said...

I was totally annoyed by the lack of a pictorial last night. If you included the non "unlimited" figs it would be all the main Superfriends, but it would still help, dammit.

I thought you had most of these figures

Still, a lot of the three-packs have two newbies in there, and I passed them up because I just didn't feel like acquiring another Flash or whatever.

I don't think I've ever seen Metamorpho. I want Metamorpho.

JPX said...

I've picked up and put down Bizzaro on several occasions. He ROCKS as a figure but I struggle with having to also absorb another Wonder Woman and Flash (at least I think it's Flash). You know, I can't even recall what I have at this point because I'm not quite up to date on the names of all these characters.

Octopunk said...

How soon before we put together a pictorial on something and THAT becomes the standard go-to for other nerds?

Actually, considering how much we like to cherry-pick, that'll likely be a while.

Hey, wouldn't that be great? We'll do a pictorial of all the JLA and JLU figs, with notes on which ones to not bother with. JLP -- Justice League of the Pegboard.

JPX said...

I actually think we should do that JLU idea of yours. We could do a separate Blod that reviews every single JLU figure and then link it to the toy blog. hmmmmmm.

JPX said...