Friday, February 03, 2006

We all have an Aunt Fran

From Thesneeze, "When I was a kid my Aunt Fran came over the house one day. She held a thin paper bag and said, "Steven, I have a surprise for you. I know you like comic books, so I got you this."

Sweet! Good ol' Aunt Fran!

What could it be??? Fantastic Four? The Incredible Hulk?

I grabbed the bag and pulled out my unexpected bounty.

Oh boy! Iron M-- jaw...


Gee, thanks Aunt Fran.

He's really... cool. No, he is!

Stand back evil! Here comes IRONJAW and his... iron... jaw.

Nothing can stand in his way! No matter how... chewy?

Well, at least he's got a cool unifor--



JPX said...

My grandmother would always say, "I got you a funnybook". Of course, she also referred to garage sales as "tag sales", what's up with that?

Octopunk said...

The first comics I ever had for myself were purchases in airport book stores. I'd get one or occasionally two comics to read during the flight and the waiting for the flight.

Of course, the time allowed me to read that particular comic about 250 times, so even though I've got decades of comic collecting between then and now, I can still remember some of those old events.

Like the Defenders facing off The Teutonic Knight.

Why were Marvel comic heros in the '70s still fighting Nazis?