Thursday, February 02, 2006

Someone deserves a mild slap

This is the pilot for the new Lego B-wing. Pretty good, I'd say. Has that Sullustan look about him, clearly the paint job is a decent rendering of this guy's outfit.

Ready to hear his name? Are you?

Ten numb.


Octopunk said...

A HUGE hurdle to finding out what damn race these guys are is that it's spelled "Nein Nunb...nuNb" and not nuMb like I've thought forever.

Bricklink spelled it wrong, so I displayed it as they had it. Actually, it might be their joke, and not something official.

(sound of door closing, footsteps on stairs, footsteps in hall, knock on door, pause, door creak...slap!)

JPX said...

Are you sure? I think it is Nein Numb. Man, that Ten Numb name is so stupid! Does that mean his brother is Eleven Numb?

Octopunk said...

I confirmed on Rebelscum. I mean Rebelscunb.