Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Woman Gets Confusing Box Of LEGO Parts

So Jenny, The Bloggess, got a box in the mail from LEGO to celebrate their anniversary or a new line or something. But when she opened the box and pieced together the parts they army of trannies! Despite a plethora of the pink dress tops and female haircuts, not a single head lacked that handsome red mustache perched suggestively over a frown. What did LEGO have to say about this?

Each kit was supposed to contain an assortment of random parts; however, it looks like yours somehow consisted only of angry mustache faces. Please know that this was not at all done intentionally or to freak anyone out in any way.
First of all, where the fuck was my box of trannies, LEGO? And secondly, I'm not so much "freaked out" as much as intrigued as to what LEGO is secretly doing. Are they trying to teach children an important lesson about diversity and acceptance? Because that would be awesome. And as a guy who's no stranger to trying on his girlfriend's panties while she's at work, I've got to admit: thongs make me feel so sexy!

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Octopunk said...

What's even funnier is that the head on all those trannies was originally created for Harry Potter's nasty uncle Vernon Dursley. So that's like 50 versions of him in drag.