Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grown Man Builds LEGO Boba Fett Costume

From geekology, Simon, a grown-ass man, went and built himself a full Boba Fett costume out of LEGO pieces. As you can see, it's pretty damn impressive. Right up there with that little kid's cardboard Halo arsenal. Hit the jump for a bunch more of Simon and his costume, along with a Vader version he made as well. Uh-oh -- I just had the most brilliant idea ever.

Introducing the First Annual Geekologie LEGO Leia's Golden Bikini Contest! Full rules follow.

1. Contestants must construct and model a LEGO Golden Bikini
2. Digital photo required in entry
3. Must be holding a sign that reads "Geekologie" or "I Love You Geekologie Writer, I Want To Have Your Babies But Know You Don't Want Kids Right Now And I'm Totally Cool With That" or something similar so I know it's for the contest
4. No dudes
5. Hey you -- the guy that thought it would be funny to still enter anyways: stop.
6. LEGO pieces optional
7. Bikini optional
8. Naked photos only

Contest ends when I feel like it. Winners will be notified by personal stripper-gram. Your choice: fireman or police officer, I play both equally well.


Octopunk said...

Yes! I saw this on a Lego site I frequent (which I will add to the links page on JJP someday). Anyway, more pics here.

JPX said...

It's so funny because it's such a ridiculous thing to make out of Legos - even more ridiculous to wear it!