Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Batman Legos come to McDonalds on Friday, September 12th!


Octopunk said...

Those are weird. They don't look like they're made of Lego at all.

And I'm pretty sure McDonald's has had Bionicle toys that aren't actually Lego-compatible before.

Octopunk said...

Nevertheless, there's a McD's right near work. I'll check 'em out. (Right now they have a giant display of those loathsome bobblehead vehicles).

JPX said...

Yeah, now that I've had a closer look I don't think they're Legos in the sense that you build them. Of course Ben is already thrilled about this (we'll be picking up Lego Batman later this month*) and I plan on sweeping all the McDonalds in my area.

Ooh, ooh, did I mention that I went to the largest flea market in the country last Friday and I scored all the robot McChangeables for 50 cents each???! Woo-hoo for flea markets!! I also picked up those Star Wars Burger King glasses from 1977.

By the way, I highly recommend that you pick up Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii, they're both a blast and should appeal to your love of toys, Legos, and video games!

JPX said...

I've picked up sets 1 and 2 (Batmobile and Joker copter). There's nothing Lego-y about them. I'll get the rest because I'm a completist but you'll probably want to skip them.