Thursday, September 11, 2008

Designer of Star Wars toys says it’s ‘fun but not all games’

PAWTUCKET, R. I. — In this not-too-distant toy galaxy, a giant yellow Naboo Starfighter hangs in Mark Boudreaux’s office, hovering over rows of Imperial Shuttles, Jedi Starfighters, Snowspeeders, and armies of miniature Storm Troopers.
“Star Wars completely surrounds you,” Boudreaux says. “It’s like... the force.” Boudreaux has been a different kind of force here at Hasbro Inc.: He’s the longest-running toy designer in the Star Wars saga — the Yoda of the toy design department. Since 1977 he has had a hand in designing and developing toys, action figures and vehicles from each of the seven Star Wars movies, including the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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JPX said...

It's cool that this all takes place in Pawtucket, the armpit of RI. I now have 2 patients who work there! Did I mention how awesome the new Falcon is???

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I like the blog's new look!

Octopunk said...

Yeah, this dude has a remarkable history and a great toy collection, but I keep wanting to say "what was up with the yellow light saber?" or "that crappy thin tip on the light saber was supposed to retract inside the light saber (according to the package), but it didn't. It was just a crappy hair-thin bit of lousy plastic sticking out of the tip. I cut all of mine off, including the inexplicable YELLOW one." or "did you have to have that big-ass battery pack sticking out of the back of all those TIE fighter toys?"

Oh, I kid ol' what's his name. Clearly the man has talent (mini-rigs! giggle!). I wish I could see a bigger version of that picture.

Paula said...

My husband is obsessed with Star Wars merchandise and regularly watches the films..sighs. I have found several online stores such as Forbiddenplanet that sell a whole range of Star Wars goods which at least makes it easy for me to buy his birthday and Christmas presents.