Sunday, September 07, 2008

Titanium goodness

I started to make a list of possiblilites for my Top Ten Favorite Action Figures Of All Time post, and it's getting kind of huge. So in the event I don't get to it today, I thought I'd slap up some overdue posts that I took pictures for ages ago.

Here you see the Titanium Series Naboo Royal Cruiser, which is probably still on the shelves right now. This is one of my favorite ships from the prequels, and despite the small size I decided to pick it up.

Well I couldn't be happier with it. It embodies a wonderful combination of design sensibilities: it's got a WWII bomber feel that works perfectly with the "older, better days" feeling the prequels evoked at their best. And it's better than a WWII bomber, it's a spaceship! What's better than that?

Boosted by this purchasing victory, I looked at Rebelscum's Titanium Series photo archive list to see what else I might have missed. I recommend clicking on it just to see the staggering amount of stuff this series has generated. I'm bummed that the TS has pretty much replaced my beloved Action Fleet (run into the ground by the glut of Ep 1 merch, in my assumption), because I don't think ships this size are as fun to play with. But I have to admire the thoroughness, especially since some of these ships don't exist in any other toy form.

I decided to pick up Amidala's Star Skiff pictured above, and got it on eBay for the unbeatable price of one cent plus shipping. That's right, a penny. Shipping was seven bucks, so considering the toy came out in 2006 and I only dropped an extra buck or two on it, I did pretty well.

Ultimately, however, I wasn't as charmed by the Skiff as I was by the Cruiser. I thought the snappier, more hot-roddy lines would make it even cooler, but no. I tossed it my box of vehicles while the Cruiser enjoys a spot on my desk. I'm still glad I have it, since it is a damn cool ship, but not cool enough to make the cut for active display (that cut is very difficult for non-Lego toys to make in my house. Limited space.)

I'd picked up the Naboo Royal Starship when it came out, and had I been more charmed by the Skiff I probably would've gone ahead and sought out the Titanium version of the Naboo Yacht from Ep 2, so I'd have the entire compliment of silvery Naboo starships.

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I couldn't find a picture of the TS Naboo Yacht, because they never made one. So I guess I do have all the silvery Naboo starships, even though I decided I didn't care to.

In other Titanium Series news, I opted to not pick up this here Venator class Star Destroyer (or whatever it's called). It's a great ship, and I'd like a good toy of one, but this is a time when the size of the toy let me down.

However, this puppy here might be a future purchase. The Royal Guard TIE interceptor is delightfully red, so unlike most Star Wars vehicles. Prices on eBay are reasonable to just-above reasonable, so I might snag one someday.


JPX said...

Don't feel bad about the "Top 10" list. This has proven to be more difficult than I envisioned and I too have a long list that must be narrowed. Stay Tuned.

"The Royal Guard TIE interceptor"? When was that ever in a Star Wars movie. Wouldn't they have their own ships? I've never been as taken by the scale of these ships as you have. They're just a wee bit too tiny for me and if they're slightly bent in any way they look terrible. I think it's funny that they have a eries for Indiana Jones. I mean, who the hell wants a jeep?

Boy, you're not kidding about the way they're packaging figures now. I almost destroyed a few JLU figures because of the way they are inserting the cape into the plastic. You have to open figuresd as if you're a surgeon these days!

Octopunk said...

Hey, no fair! I always comment on each post, you're doubling up!

Anyway, yeah, I was just looking at the Indy Titanium Series and that is some silly shit. Maybe for those completist military collectors it might be fun, but no way do I want the tan land rover.

I just tracked down the Royal Guard TIE Interceptor on Wookiepedia, they appear only in a video game called Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookies. Pretty obscure source, but a pretty easy repaint.