Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Respect my Authority

I still haven't found this 3-pack yet but it really irks me that it comes with yet another Flash and Wonder Woman. How many of them do I have now, like 10 each?


Octopunk said...

I have that one. Did I tell you?

When (if) I ever do my massive action figure nightclub display extravaganza, I plan to have Flashes at several places at once, as if he's speeding around taking part in many activities. So I'm never bummed to get another Flash. Still, I hear ya.

The Question is great.

JPX said...

Cool! I'm jealous, that Authority figure rocks. That's a terrific idea about The Flash.

Octopunk said...

Oh, THAT's why you titled the post that way.

That character is called The Question. I think somehow the tagline Question Authority got you tangled.