Monday, September 22, 2008

Index! And other announcements...

1) I totally want to get my Top Ten Favorite Action Figures of All Time post done before Horrorthon starts, but my list of possibilities is huge! I may do a top ten, an 11th to 20th best, and then a bunch of honorable mentions.

2) Links! I persevered through a bit of Blogger's bitchiness and got our links sidebar back up in shape. This included a review of old posts that had some good links.

3) Index! While I was reviewing our old stuff, I came across some great posts that I thought should be revisited, and so I decided to cobble together an index in another post. When I'm done I'll put the link for the post in the sidebar, and we can add more stuff to it as we see fit.

I'm so glad we've revitalized this blog, I really enjoy it.


JPX said...

I actually have a bunch of photos saved for my Top 10, but like you I've had great difficulty whittling it down to 10. I've been reluctant to post it because I fear that the moment I do I'll second guess myself.

I love all the links you've added! IT only makes sense that we have quick access to these pages. I would suggest adding

I look forward to seeing what old posts you dug up - I can't believe that this blog has existed for 3 years now!

JPX said...

I second your enthusiasm for resurrecting JJP! Now that we've changed the look I've been re-energized to add to it. You totally got me excited about JLU figures. If I could just find a damn Authority.