Sunday, September 21, 2008

Which one is creepier?

If you walk past this row of dolls, you flip their motion detectors and they all start talking to you -- but because you walk past each one a fraction of a second after the last one, they sound off as eerie echoes of each other. The background noise in this video makes it difficult to hear, but I found a row of these hell children in two different Targets, so you might want to wander down the girls' aisle and check it out in person.

I took Clone Wars Yoda down from the peg to contemplate whether he was purchase-worthy, and hell NO he isn't! He's freaky looking! Nein danke.


JPX said...

Oh my God! Ben plays this silly game with me whenever we're in Target. He'll say something like, "Dad, come here I want to show you something" and when I walk over to where he's standing I unwittingly set off a row of these crying babies, which is super creepy and annoying. He knows that I know what he's up to at this point, but he still does it EVERY TIME we go to Target. Stupid kid humor.

Yeah, I've looked at that Yoda as well and (a) he looks like he's been thrown into outer space and his eyes are bugging out, and (b) I hate that built in launching device in his arm. Except for R2D2 and the upcoming 3PO, I think I'm going to avoid this line altogether (unless we get some cool droids out of it).

Octopunk said...

"(a) he looks like he's been thrown into outer space and his eyes are bugging out"

Haaaa hahaha! You're so right.

I don't think I even noticed the launching device in his arm. Lame.

Is that super battle droid you posted below a Clone Wars fig?

JPX said...

Yeah, I think that Super Battle Droid is from an upcoming Clone Wars wave. I like the way his torso moves.

Octopunk said...

You have a serious problem commenting on the right post, don't you?

JPX said...

Good lord, I keep commenting in the wrong place!