Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Battle Beasts

I started to really groove on these guys when I noticed that they weren't based on dragons or mutants but on actual animals. There was a while in the early 90's when they were cheap at Kaybee and I gobbled up a bunch (but I should have gobbled up more). And in 2003 I scored the major coup of snagging the B-Beasts' fish vehicle for a mere TWENTY BUCKS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, that still gets me going.

Buying Battle Beasts these days is a tricky thing, the bargains are only available with large groups and usually I've got most of the ones in the group. The fourth series, the Laser Beasts, never even sold in the U.S. When I say the old line about how it's better to have stuff still out there to find than to ever "finish" collecting, it's these guys I usually think about. Someday a Fed Ex robot will deliver the last needed Laser Beast to my future self, and then I'll tuck my long white beard under my arm and roll my wheelchair into the ocean.

An excellent guide to all things Battle Beast can be found here.


JPX said...

"then I'll tuck my long white beard under my arm and roll my wheelchair into the ocean" That really made me laugh. The latest ANFTR (or perhaps the previous issue) did full, glorious coverage to this line. I was with you when you picked up the fish ship and I seem to recall someone giggling like a schoolgirl. That someone was me because I was picking up a Super Powers figure I needed.

Octopunk said...

Ooh! Do you remember what was on the cover of that AFNTR? I might wanna snag it.