Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Secret Mojo Spices

JPX asked me to post what I assume is the next batch of Marvel Legends figures. I think I like my 10-year-old figure of Mojo better. In another example of too much detail, I present exhibit M: Mojo's hairy gut.

That old timey Iron Man, however, kicks all kinds of ass. Maybe I'll buy a Marvel Legends fig after all this time.

I'm not ruling out the Mojo, either.


JPX said...

Oh yeah it's all about that old Iron Man!!! I'm definitely picking that baby up - I love that vintage sci-fi look. I mean, how impractical is that outfit? It would be like trying to fight crime in a garbage can.

Octopunk said...

I watched the Ultimate Avengers movie last night and there's a scene with Tony Stark sitting in his office chair sipping a drink while he's wearing the whole Iron Man suit (minus helmet). And I thought "how the hell can you relax in a chair with all that armor on you?"

JPX said...

I have that DVD - Ben wanted it. Yeah Ben.

Octopunk said...

And you got it? It's PG-13, you bad dad!

It's pretty tame, though. Not nearly as good as the comic.

Octopunk said...

I guess Mojo's gut isn't hairy, it's just...dirty. Oh god that's gross.

I always want to say "Mojo" like that owl says "Pogo" in I Go Pogo.

JPX said...

I always think of Homer's monkey, Mojo.

"Pray for Mojo".

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