Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This is exactly what I want. I want to get four of the new Lego Clone Battle Packs, which is what this guy got. But I can't find any! The one time I was at a Target that had had them, they were all gone. All the other new sets were there, along with a tantalizing price tag on the empty section of shelf.

Worse, I looked them up on the Lego Shopping website, and it said backorders would ship no later than July. JULY??!!

Of course, this just proves that this is what the Lego fans have been drooling for all along. If Lego is smart, they'll do the same for the Stormtroopers.


JPX said...

Dude, those things are all over the place here - did you check Target? That's where I always see them.

Octopunk said...

Did I check Target? Did you read my post?

If this goes on, I'm going to have to send you some cash to get 'em for me. They're going for way over their price on Ebay right now.

JPX said...

You should go to Target, I've seen them there a lot.