Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally, new JLU!

from cooltoyreview, Due to overwhelming support from the fans, Mattel and Target are teaming up to bring an all new Collector’s Line to store shelves starting this August!

16 brand new figures along with collector requested repaints and reissues will be available in singles, 3-packs and 6 packs. Figures will be out in two waves. Each wave will consist of two 6-packs, two 3 packs and five single carded figures, some with brand new accessories. This line will be sold exclusively at Target stores starting Aug 1, 2008. At this time the line will be an in store exclusive only.

Wave 1 will be revealed at New York Comic Con in April and Wave 2 will be shown at Comic Con San Diego in July.

There may be a few other JLU surprises this year as well. But fans will just have to wait for the summer conventions to find out what!

We are pleased so show the first 6-pack for Wave 1: Attack from Apokolips featuring Superman, Darkseid, Mr. Miracle, Lashina, Mantis and Forager.

Along with these figures, we are excited to announce that the line will also include several major MIA characters including The Question!

*Note to collectors, these are not the final figures and we do plan to adjust Mantis’ cape color and Forager’s shield.


Octopunk said...

SWEET! I'm just so glad this line is still alive, despite my constant frustration at actually finding any of these suckers.

I'll admit the non-JLU fig presence at Wondercon was disappointing, but it was the single disappointment of the day.

JPX said...

I was geting worried before there wasn't anything at all about JLU in all the Toy Fair coverage last week. I thought JLU was DOA. Of course the real challenge will be to find them.