Friday, May 30, 2008

Jungle Walker

I uploaded something onto my Brickshelf page for the first time in forever -- the Jungle Walker. Since I've got Greedo driving it I was calling it the "Rodian Swamp Walker" or a "converted Rodian science pod" in my head while I built it. But I dropped the "Rodian" because EVERYBODY ties their creations into Star Wars somehow and I don't like to, and I swapped "swamp" for "jungle" because I figure feet like that would just sink into a swamp, y' know?

More pics here.


JPX said...

Awesome post! I'll need more time to completly digest it. A similar thing happened to me last summer. Remember Michael Chaffa? My mom is good friends with his mom and last summer she asked her if she wanted her grandchildren's Legos because they no longer used them. Dude, no exaggeration, she gave me enough Legos to fill up a bathtub. Seriously, there were so many Legos that my dad had to help me lift the 2 bins she gave us. I estimate that it's about $4000 worth comprising of multiple sets. A year later Ben is still going through them. There were about 150 figures in the batch. That's an awesome post! We need to post on this site more. Of course Ben now wants the $400 Death Star set and I was like, "Um, I don't think so, buddy".

Octopunk said...

That's an excellent story, but you kinda stuck it on the wrong post.

Damn, that's a fantastic Lego haul. 150 minifigs? Damn.