Sunday, June 22, 2008

Groovy Toy Tale #2

When my friend Kyle came back from Christmas, he had a big cardboard box filled with Legos for me. Some friend of his up in Sacramento had them lying around and was only too glad to hand them over to someone whose obsession was still fresh. It was quite a haul.

In the picture above is the hoard divided up into basic categories, with my Starspeeder 3000 toy nearby for scale. From upper to left to lower right, the big bins contain bricks, plates, stuff I put in my small boxes, and stuff I put in my large boxes. The smaller bins have broken pieces, round pieces, sloped pieces, and decorated pieces. There were also a large amount of non-Lego toys to weed out, including a bunch of that horrid Lego clone Mega Bloks. Yuck.

But so what! The bounty was supreme. I'd guestimate it would take me about two years at my regular acquisition rate to gather that many bricks. All of them predated the Great Color Change of 2003, so I got a lot of old style grey, dark grey and brown pieces. Above are some of the minifigs that I was particulary excited about. (By the time I took these pix I'd already mixed in some modern pieces; that black ninja in the middle is sporting a new Undead skeleton head, and Spaceman Ron Weasley there is wearing the helmet from that SpongeBob in Space set.)

Here are the rest of the minifigs I got; altogether I probably gained about 60 or 70 new citizens. It took me several months to finally assimilate all the new stuff, much of that time "getting around to it" time. Still, doing the actual work was time consuming, and it didn't happen until the unexpected month off I got right before Zack was born. It was sort of like "hyper nesting."

And here are all the new decorated tiles I got, including a tasty number of that round, red-lined vent tile I love so much. So good!

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