Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Images of next year's Lego sets are on the rampage! I'm especially excited about the Jedi Starfighter above because 1) I want an Ahsoka minifig but she's currently only available in two 90 dollar sets, 2) I'm psyched about the dark red astromech body/legs because the V-wing came with a dark red head but no body; I can't wait to evict Ahsoka's dumb white and green one for a nice red R2 unit, and 3) It just looks like a cool set. I like those decorated wedges.

Compared to these images, my 2008 Holiday catalog that Lego mailed me looks stale and old. I'm in the same funny place with Lego sets that I am with JLU figs: I go scouting for stuff in the stores and I've already got everything (unless I want to drop HUGE Lego bucks, but I don't).

I probably won't go for this set, but seeing it is exciting.

These new Power Miner sets have an unfortunate color scheme, but this one at least has those great drill/wheel parts.

And they're bringing back Pirates! Again, I'm not excited because I want the sets per se, but the excitement of the other Lego freaks is infectious. And I am SO all over that dark red octopus. And it's in a cheap set! Totally getting that.

Go here for a good look at new Spongebob, Star Wars, Power Miners, Bionicle, Farm, and more. Go here to see the pirates.

Remember, they say 2009 but actually some of these will come out a week or two before X-mas. Better watch out!

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JPX said...

Oh my God, Ben is going to have a heart attack!!! I'm happy to see more battle packs and I'm really digging the Pirates sets. I've always been a sucker for the whole stranded-on-a-desert-island idea. There's a Lego store right down the street from Ben (he helped to build a GIANT Yoda now displayed in the store) so it won't be difficult to get any of these sets. Woo-hoo for toys!